The Great Harry Hillman, “How To Dice An Onion” from Tilt (2017): Something Else! 360º video premiere

A Swiss quartet dressed to go jogging in the 1980s, the Great Harry Hillman (derived from a triple-gold medal winner in the 1904 Olympics), makes music that’s much more serious than either their attire or name suggests.

Nils Fischer (reeds), David Koch (guitar/effects), Samuel Huwyler (bass) and Dominick Mahnig (drums) built a bridge between Deerhoof and Sonic Youth, and Kneebody and Gutbucket. And like Gutbucket, this eight year old band is now part of the Cuneiform Records family.

Their Cuneiform debut Tilt will be their third release overall when it drops on May 26, 2017.

Well, maybe it’s not all serious business with the Great Harry Hillman. “How To Dice an Onion” is a zany wedge of experimental rock er, jazz…eh, it almost defies categorization. Pulsing like a strobe light, it’s carefree but carefree with a collective mindset and a melodic pattern you can hang your hat on. It’s even dance worthy, something you can’t often say about such way out music with a heavy improv bent.

The music video we’re introducing to the world above puts those qualities of the song into vivid, visual display: the band members merrily strutting about as they perform amidst dancing mimes and people in dogs costumes, a trapeze artist overhead and folks frolicking in soap bubbles. It’s all goofy fun, like the song itself.

If you don’t see everything in the video I just described, just take your mouse and drag it across the video screen. Yes, it’s a 360º video! A panoramic scene that has no top, bottom, left or right. You can spend hours watching the same video over and over and see something new with each viewing.

Pretty nifty, huh? The gumption of the Great Harry Hillman knows no bounds.

S. Victor Aaron

S. Victor Aaron

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