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On Second Thought: Norah Jones – … Little Broken Hearts (2012)

So it was a big deal, this news of Danger Mouse working with Norah Jones. Danger Mouse. We’re talking about The Grey Album, and MF Doom…and Gnarls Barkley, and Broken Bells. Hip-hop culture and remixing, electronica and blurpy effects — these are things that were to be allowed to come into contact with that most pure of instruments — theRead More

Sebastian Noelle – Koan (2011)

Jazz plectrist Sebastian Noelle arrived in New York ten years ago and has found his place within the more advanced modern jazz corner of the scene.

Dee Snider – Dee Does Broadway (2012)

You can thank a couple of warped senses of humor for this gem: The idea for Dee Does Broadway was born out of voicemails that the Twisted Sister frontman and Alice Cooper exchanged

Half Notes: The Flaming Lips – Flight Test EP (2003)

The Flaming Lips are an odd band. A pretty unique blend of art rock and nearly bubblegum pop. When I first heard The Soft Bulletin it made me stop to wonder: just what is this stuff? What struck me immediately was the nearly John Bohnam-like drumming … odd in this context. In any event, this little EP is a gem.Read More

Shows I'll Never Forget: Pink Floyd, April 28, 1994

At Texas Stadium, Irving, Texas: Call this one Rain Like Hell. On a stormy April night, the grandest effect of all was provided courtesy of God — actual creator, you are reminded, of the moon and its dark side.

Forgotten series: Jesu – Jesu (2005)

Godflesh was gone, but one of the men behind it, Justin Broadrick, resurrected the sound and infused it into a new band, Jesu.