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Chuck E. Weiss – Red Beans and Weiss (2014)

I’ll say it right now: Red Beans and Weiss is the perfect album for the year 2014.

Peter Gabriel – Scratch My Back … And I’ll Scratch Yours (2014)

Peter Gabriel – Scratch My Back … And I’ll Scratch Yours (2014)

Peter Gabriel, always one for the theatrical, released a double-album of interpretive music this week in Scratch My Back … And I’ll Scratch Yours, with mixed results.

Remembering Katrina: Aaron Neville, "Louisiana 1927" (1991)

Today marks the seventh anniversary of the landfall of Hurricane Katrina, an event that touched off the costliest natural disaster in U.S. history.

2012 Hangout Music Festival: Sorting through the good, the great – and the dearly departed

Event organizers have been feverishly working for nearly an entire year to secure a lineup worthy enough to follow the 2011’s Hangout Music Festival.

The Friday Morning Listen: Randy Newman – Harps and Angels (2008)

One more time before … What? Let’s back up a handful of years. At that point, me and TheWife™ had been married for going on ten years and were living out here in the country in our big ‘ole house, working and taking care of my parents

Half Notes: Youn Sun Nah, "Same Girl" (2011)

You’d think the use of a music box on the title track from an interesting release by Korean jazz singer Youn Sun Nah — “Same Girl” was originally found on Randy Newman’s 1973 recording “Trouble in Paradise” — would imbue it all with this childlike wonder. (Elsewhere, Youn Sun Nah employs a kalimba, and a kazoo.) Instead, her purposeful pace,Read More

Irma Thomas – Simply Grand (2008)

Irma Thomas – Simply Grand (2008)

Irma Thomas, whose Louisiana legend of a voice has darkened into a more expressive place, is taking a similar career tack. The new “Simply Grand,” in fact, finds Thomas moving deeper into the emotional underpinnings of her best work at a time when safer environs would probably be more profitable. That perhaps started with her most recent recording on Rounder,Read More

Deep Cuts: Randy Newman "Rednecks" (1974)

by Pico This isn’t a song about amazing muscianship, surprising chord changes or nifty little hooks. Rather, it’s a tribute to the power of lyrics. Of all the Great American Songwriters of our time, Randy Newman is perhaps the only one who could be considered a continuation of the line of classic songwriters from before our time. His deft combinationRead More

One Track Mind: Aaron Neville, "Louisiana 1927" (1991)

Randy Newman, a good ol’ boy from New Orleans, La., has been thought of as a national treasure by many, and for good reason. From “My Old Kentucky Home” to “I Love L.A.,” Newman’s deft mixture of Broadway show-tunes and modern pop makes him the closest thing to a modern-day Cole Porter of the late twentieth century. The carefully constructedRead More