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Half Notes: Leo Kottke – Ice Water (1974)

Kottke’s a funny guy and a beyond great guitar player. While I’m generally a bigger fan of his solo guitar records, there’s always something of interest lurking on the rest of Kottke’s albums. Highly recommended: Ice Water has his version of Tom T. Hall’s classic “Pamela Brown.” Also, check out Chewing Pine from the next year, which has “Regards FromRead More

Doc Watson (1923-2012): An Appreciation

It’s funny how certain bits of music can get under your skin. Several years ago, I was having a visit with my old buddy Gene out in upstate New York.

Shows I'll Never Forget: Leo Kottke, March 31, 2003

by Mark Saleski, in Manchester N.H. Leo Kottke brought his one-man encyclopedia of acoustic guitar to Manchester’s Palace Theatre that night.

Half Notes: Leo Kottke – Great Big Boy/Peculiaroso (1991/1994, reissue)

by Mark Saleski I already owned 1991’s Great Big Boy, and it’s a fine one. The album was allowed to go out of print for the usual reasons (which I won’t waste our time on), only to reappear in a likeably presented two-fer in 2007 with Peculiaroso from 1994, which I’d never heard. If you don’t own any Leo Kottke,Read More

Movies: Leo Kottke – Home & Away Revisited (2007)

by Mark Saleski The music starts playing and every little bit of you pays attention. This is a musical connection.