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Ahmad Jamal – Blue Moon (2012)

With the death of Hank Jones a couple of years ago, Ahmad Jamal might now be considered the dean of jazz pianists, but in all likelihood, he’s long been more influential

Magnolia Memoir – The Perfect Crime (2012)

Magnolia Memoir has been described, and beautifully so, as Fiona Apple meets the Killers with a dash of the Clash — and that’s a good start.

Mort Weiss: Two strangers on a train, me and another kid named Elvis Presley

Elvis Aaron Presley. I spent most of a day and night with the cat, back in March or April 1956. Me? I was stationed at Fort Riley Kansas in the 1st Infantry Division — the Big Red One

Ian Tordella – Tragic Comedy (2012)

I might have stated this a time or two before on this space, but the future of jazz as a living, breathing, expanding music form is in the hands of the twenty and thirtysomethings who grew up on Bjork, Radiohead and Oasis

Heiner Stadler – Brains on Fire (2012)

For the first time on compact disc, we hear some of the early works of this innovative pianist and (a particular focus here) composer/arranger.

Half Notes: Talking Cows – Almost Human (2012)

The Dutch quartet Talking Cows never take themselves too seriously—see video below—but the non-nonsense modern jazz they make is no joke.

Something Else! sneak peek: Hear the new supergroup featuring Jack Bruce, Vernon Reid, John Medeski and Cindy Blackman

Legendary Cream bassist Jack Bruce is part of a new supergroup, this one featuring Living Colour guitarist Vernon Reid. Check them out here!

Gimme Five: Kenny Aronoff on John Mellencamp, Buddy Rich and John Fogerty

On this special edition of Something Else Reviews’ One Track Mind, we hand the reins over to ubiquitous sideman Kenny Aronoff

Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber – All Ya Needs That Negrocity (2011)

In characterizing the music of the deliberately elusive collective Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber, one can come up with a whole host of made-up genres and still not quite nail what they sound like.

New Music Monday: Santana and Sinead O'Connor, Don Byron and Blue Öyster Cult

New Music Monday beings another truckload of interesting releases, not least of which are Cursive, Don Byron, Mona and Sinead O’Connor