Henry Kaiser + Ray Russell, “GuKTen LIMPo” from The Celestial Squid (2015): Something Else! sneak peek

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Ray Russell, the UK session guitarist who’s worked on James Bond film scores and too many other soundtrack projects and sideman recordings to count, gets back in touch with his noise-rock side. With the endlessly inventive Bay Area guitar hero Henry Kaiser at his side, this Transatlantic summit meeting of plectral titans was convened in the making of The Celestial Squid, due out February 3, 2015 on Cuneiform Records.

The advance stream “GuKTen LIMPo” signifies all the fireworks that longtime followers of either guitarist might expect. On a skipping beat, the two jump into the mosh pit and very soon afterwards is the unexpected appearance of saxophones that weave in and out of the distortion-filled groove. A clamorous tenor sax and rubbery bass crash the improv party, but Kaiser and Russell make the room while asserting themselves with abandon.

It’s another example of the distance Kaiser is willing to go to find a foil with which to knock around ideas on the fly, much in line with his quest to capture underwater photography in the frigid waters off Antarctica. An adventurous spirit that knows no bounds.

In fact, Kaiser is set to release no less than three other long players the same week as The Celestial Squid on other labels, two of them also duo projects. Around this time, New Yorkers will be treated to a rare appearance of Kaiser in their town, thanks to a residency at The Stone February 3 – 8. See below for the dates and the special guests with whom he will be performing.

FEB 3-8, 2015

2/3 Tuesday (DDT)
8 pm
Invite The Spirit
Kaiser (guitar) Charles K. Noyes (percussion, drums) Sang-Won Park (kayagum, ajaeng, changgo, voice)

10 pm
Kaiser-Noyes Guitar Duo
Kaiser (guitar) Charles K. Noyes (guitar)

2/4 Wednesday
8 pm
Kaiser-Laswell-Ligeti Trio
Kaiser (guitar) Bill Laswell (bass) Lukas Ligeti (drums)

10 pm
Kaiser-Laswell Duo
Kaiser (guitar) Bill Laswell (bass)

2/5 Thursday (RJP)
8 pm
Melvin Gibbs (bass) Kaiser (guitar) Weasel Walter (drums)

10 pm
Topography of the Spleen
Kaiser (guitar) Chris Pitsiokos (sax) Weasel Walter (drums)

2/6 Friday (HM)
8 pm
Chip Delany & Henry Kaiser
Samuel R. Delany (reading aloud) Kaiser (guitar accompaniment)

10 pm
Brandy Gale – Kaiser – Ava Mendoza
Brandy Gale (live synesthetic painting), Kaiser, Ava Mendoza (guitars)

2/7 Saturday (SC)
8 pm
Kaiser-Musso Quintet
Nick Didkovsky, Kaiser, Bob Musso (guitars) Jesse Krakow (bass) Weasel Walter (drums)

10 pm
Kaiser-Licht Duo
Kaiser, Alan Licht (guitar)

2/8 Sunday (KR)
8 pm
Dunkelman-Kaiser-Mori-Zorn Quartet
Nava Dunkelman (percussion) Kaiser (bass) Ikue Mori (electronics) John Zorn (sax)

10 pm
Kaiser-Ross Guitar Duo
Kaiser, Brandon Ross (guitars)

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S. Victor Aaron

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S. Victor Aaron
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