‘I’m from a different generation’: Don Henley tears into fans who text, take pictures, even stand up at Eagles concerts

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As Don Henley continues on what has been a well-received, but apparently endless, hits-packed reunion tour with the Eagles, he’s developed a laundry list of audience behaviors that get under his skin.

That includes, but is not limited to, fans who stand up, fans who text, fans who take too many pictures and fans who post raw concert videos to YouTube.

It’s a wonder he can keep up with the words to “Hotel California,” you know?

As the Eagles prepare for a tour in Australia, he sat down with News.com.au, to discuss.

About keeping your seat: “People who start standing up in the beginning when we’re doing ballads are a great annoyance to us and to the people behind them. We have our security people gently tell them to sit down. You pay for your seat, sit in it.”

About videography: “Videoing a concert with a phone is a violation of our copyright,” he said. “Google owns YouTube. They don’t need any more free content.” (Warning: Henley takes this copyright stuff very, very seriously, too. Just ask Okkervil or Frank Ocean.)

Of course, even Henley understands that phones and using your phone are here to stay. “I don’t think there’s any going back now,” he adds. “People feel so entitled to being able to use their gadgets and post things on the web. I’m from a different generation. I don’t understand it. It’s not a very pure experience. It takes away from the immediacy of the live performance. If we’re just going to watch TV, we can stay home and do that.”

Oh, and about texting?: “We don’t like people texting during the show unless it’s an emergency.” About pictures: “We feel everybody who bought a ticket has a right to enjoy the show undisturbed with a view that is unobstructed.”

The reason for all of this get-off-my-lawn-style crankiness, by the way? “This could be our last time around,” Henley says. “We want people to be in the moment with us and experience the concert through their eyeballs, and not a tiny square on a phone.”

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  • Joseph Sean Brown

    Maybe if Don and his pals wouldn’t charge such outrageous ticket prices, more fans could see it through “their eyeballs” like he wants them to. The Eagles are a formidable talent, but he is a miserable, greedy, human being.

  • Chuck Cerveny

    If people are willing to piss away as much money as these jerk-offs are asking for for tickets, I guess that it’s their perogative to text, stand, use their phone or what ever during the show. Hey, if you want to hand over an inordinate amount to get into these shows and then not even pay attention, be my guest.

  • Amy

    Wow. Don is showing his age. I just lost a little respect for the Eagles. People do that stuff because they are excited… Way to suck all the fun out Don.

    • j238

      People who text during concerts are incapable of experiencing excitement.

  • Michael Bentley

    Weren’t “The Eagles” just a support act for “Yes” at one time?

    • Elicit D Goat-Horsefly

      ‘Yes’ were a cure for insomnia for people who didn’t respond to hard drugs.

  • Jay Dub

    He’s just an angry old phucker. Between him and the greedy Glen Fry they have lost their appeal… still love the old music though!

  • Torotx56

    I remember the Grateful Dead concerts. You could tape video and audio and it was all cool by them plus they played for a long time giving you your money’s worth which wasn’t a small fortune either. Don Henley and The Eagles have and continue to make big $$. As long as fans dont jump or throw things onstage he should just shut up and play and be glad they paid to see them in concert.

  • SchroderEUA

    He doesnt want people to watch on a scree yet they play huge arenas and charge 150 for seats so far away that you end up watching most the show on the areans jumbo screens.