The Friday Morning Listen: Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny – Beyond The Missouri Sky (1997)

Me and TheWife™ have busted outa town for a long weekend. It’s our 14th anniversary and we are ensconced in one of our favorite inns in the far north of New Hampshire. That’s right, the weather is getting colder and we’ve gone several hours north. What can I say? We’re just not warm weather people. A cruise to the Caribbean? Some fun in the California sun? Nope. How about some cold gray drizzle, a few hours in a bookstore, and a cup of tea? That’s more like it.

We have more than a little history in this area. We used to take weeklong vacations up here, usually in the middle of the winter. I have to admit that it’s kind of fun to tell somebody that we were up here for a week but didn’t go skiing. I realize that ingesting large amounts of printed material while making occasional glances out the window at the drifting snow might not be how most people want to spend their time. That’s fine. It’s a big world out there, as they say, and adventure comes in many forms.

There’s a small book and record store just down the street from here. Way back when Beyond The Missouri Sky was released, we happened to be spending a week up in this area. On that Tuesday, we dropped into the store so that I could buy a copy. At first it looked like disappointment would rule that day as all of the new releases were still sitting on the floor, encased their recently-delivered cardboard boxes. But the store clerk took me up on my offer to help crack them all open. I was not disappointed.

And yes, to begin all of the festivities, Friday morning shall be started with one of the most beautiful collaborations ever recorded. This music has gotten us through both good and bad times. Today is definitely part of the good times…we’re looking forward to a lot more of them. Just don’t look for us at Club Med anytime soon.

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Mark Saleski

Mark Saleski

Mark Saleski is a writer and music obsessive based out of the woods of central New Hampshire. A past contributor to, and Salon, he originated several of our weekly features including the Friday Morning Listen, (Cross the) Heartland, WTF! Wednesday, and Sparks Fly on E Street. Follow him on Twitter: @msaleski. Contact Something Else! at
Mark Saleski