One Track Mind: Tim Kuhl, “Indigo Blue” (acoustic version) (2012)


Tim Kuhl and his band will always cherish their excursions to the sunny beaches New York City’s Rockaway Peninsula from the Summer of 2012. When Kuhl asked director Lee Gingold to make a candid video of Kuhl’s group performing “Indigo Blue” (from Kuhl’s newest album St. Helena) the short film captured the sights of a diverse collection of people coming together at the southern end of Queens to enjoy a little fun in the sun during the waning days of summer vacation.

Kuhl, along with Grey Mcmurray (acoustic guitar) Rick Parker (trombone), Joshua Valleau (accordion), Philip Sterk (dobro), Jared Samuel (double bass), hopped on the A train, brought their instruments, and performed Kuhl’s folk melody “Indigo Blue” that wraps up that St. Helena disc. It’s a song that’s little somber in contrast to the easygoing, cheery mood of the beachgoers.

It’s a much more somber mood there today, though. Just two months after that video was shot, Sandy slammed into New York City, and severely wrecked that place (these pictures show the destruction the storm left behind), and that part of the city may never be the same again. Click here and then click “read more” for information on making cash donations and volunteer info to help the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the community at Far Rockaway.

Until the needed help gets people there back on their feet again, all that exists are the memories, like the one this Kuhl video made. Here’s to hoping more such videos can be made at Rockaway again someday.

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S. Victor Aaron

S. Victor Aaron

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