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Gerald Clayton – Bond, The Paris Sessions (2011)

Like Joshua Redman, Ravi Coltrane, Anthony Wilson and all those Marsalis brothers, Gerald Clayton followed in his father’s footsteps to become an accomplished jazz musician in his own right.

Genesis – 1976-1982, Remixed and Remastered (2007)

My favorite period of Genesis’ history — the years just after the iconic Peter Gabriel had left the group, when the band shouldn’t have been able to be a success, but drummer Phil Collins stepped up the mic and brought his own brand of iconic, if short, stature to the front of the stage, and somehow made it work. Many,Read More

Pam Saulsby – The Full Measure of a Woman (2011)

Her album is populated with songs we’ve heard too often, sung in front of a band that’s bland and not engaging. It’s a lot for Pam Saulsby to overcome, but she does, and she does it with vigor.

Half Notes: Light in August, “Northern Lights” (2011)

From its first dramatic rat-a-tat, this undulating rhythm signature that plays off a driving acoustic riff, “Northern Lights” moves with a persistent ardor. Alex Wand’s vocal runs in tandem, even as the drums recede into the background, until he has finally, definitively captured the center of the song. It’s only then that his lyrics, these soaring sighs of longing, swimRead More

The Friday Morning Listen: Thurston Moore – Trees Outside the Academy (2007)

Vacation. I started out with a plan for this elaborate fantasy. It began with me and TheWife™ going into town on Friday night to see Thurston Moore.

Warrant – Rockaholic (2011)

by Fred Phillips Warrant? Seriously? Is this some kind of test? Have I somehow offended the editors in my brief time here?