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WTF?! Wednesdays: Peter Brotzmann and Nasheet Waits Duo at UMass Amherst (2005)

WTF?! Wednesdays: Peter Brotzmann and Nasheet Waits Duo at UMass Amherst (2005)

We were sitting about 70 feet away and the amount of sound coming from that man’s horn … unamplified … was kind of scary. I don’t know how he does it.

Rich Halley 4 – The Wisdom of Rocks (2014) Widgets Just like last year’s Crossing The Passes, Rich Halley’s latest album The Wisdom of Rocks draws its inspiration from Oregon’s Wallowa Mountains.

Something Else! sneak peek: Richard Pinhas and Yoshida Tatsuya, “Part One – Intro” (2014)

In recent years, veteran sonic sculptor Richard Pinhas has found affinity with the king of Japanese noise music, Merzbow.

Something Else! sneak peek: People featuring Mary Halvorson, “Piles For Miles” (2014)

Mary Halvorson the garage band indie rocker? Sure, why the hell not?

Nick Millevoi – Numbers On The Side (2014)

Philadelphia guitarist Nick Millevoi has chops to spare, evident when he’s playing in bands like Many Arms, Deveykus, Form and Mess or Haitian Rail.

Roscoe Mitchell, with Craig Taborn and Kikanju Baku – Conversations I (2014)

Roscoe Mitchell is a revered name in improvised music circles, an out-jazz giant who is often spoken as if his great works come from so long-ago period

Syrinx Effect – Snail Songs EP (2014)

Snail Songs by Syrinx Effect Creating soothing, soulful sounds can come from an endless combination of sources, and Seattle’s New Music duo Syrinx Effect does it with just a trombone and a soprano saxophone.

Mike Dillon – Band of Outsiders (2014)

Gonzo vibes man Mike Dillon is the secret weapon in whatever project he’s involved with, whether it’s Garage A Trois, The Dead Kenny G’s or even Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe.

Jamie Saft and Joe Morris – Plymouth (2014)

Out of the box thinkers Jamie Saft and Joe Morris combined forces last year for an update on the guttural, jam-rock aesthetic popular around the turn of the 70s.

Ivo Perelman and Mat Maneri – Two Men Walking (2014)

Ivo Perelman and Mat Maneri – Two Men Walking (2014)

Two Men Walking is all about Ivo Perelman going one-on-one with a viola player, which is cause for joy for improvised music enthusiasts…especially since the viola player is a kindred soul in Mat Maneri.