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XTC's Andy Partridge – Fuzzy Warbles, Vol. 1 (2003)

So you like XTC, right? So why don’t you own Andy Partridge’s Fuzzy Warbles?

Something Else! Featured Artist: Rush

When most think of Rush, it’s their instrumental virtuosity (especially drummer Neil Peart) that comes to mind first. Or the love or hatred of Geddy Lee’s vocals. Other times it’s Peart’s second role as lyricist for the band that garners attention, and it’s another love or hate area of focus: Ayn Rand, sci-fi, songs about balding, fights between dogs and,Read More

Movies: School of Rock (2003)

by Tom Johnson I love Jack Black, and while I can’t say everything of his has been outstanding (Saving Silverman, as I often say, is the worst movie I’ve ever seen,) he has a good track record for being entertaining, and in a “rock” context, he is usually hilarious. He didn’t disappoint in the slightest. Now, let me make somethingRead More

Yes’ ‘South Side of the Sky,’ ‘Sound Chaser,’ ‘It Can Happen’ + others: Gimme Five

Yes’ ‘South Side of the Sky,’ ‘Sound Chaser,’ ‘It Can Happen’ + others: Gimme Five

Yes has taken more twists and turns than the fantastical lettering created for its album covers by Roger Dean.

Old School (2003): Movies

Old School (2003): Movies

A coworker kept insisted that I have to see Old School, that it was just the funniest movie in ages. The day it came out he rushed out to buy it, watched it immediately, and has been quoting lines from the movie ever since. I should know by now, having suffered through previous suggestions of movies from him, such asRead More

Movies: American Splendor (2003)

by Tom Johnson Every year it seems, some movie I see stands out immediately upon seeing it. Most memorably, Magnolia did it, American Movie did it, High Fidelity did it, Punch Drunk Love did it, and today, American Splendor did it. American Splendor is the real-life story of comic book writer and file clerk Harvey Pekar. I say “writer” becauseRead More

Movies: Rivers and Tides (2001)

by Tom Johnson I have been mulling over how to properly review a film like Rivers and Tides, a documentary that follows sculptor Andy Goldsworthy as he creates his mind-boggling artwork. It almost seems cruel to attempt to judge a film like this, so beautiful, so gentle, and so mesmerizing, yet so far from what most movie goers will everRead More

Movies: The Village (2004)

by Tom Johnson Two words: “yawn” and “sigh.” Could there be any more plot holes in this story? Of course, I can’t really relate the story in order to display those holes so as not to destroy what little surprise this movie has in store. In short, I saw it coming after 20 minutes of the movie. If you’re payingRead More

Movies: Ghosts of the Abyss (2003)

by Tom Johnson I have been a Titanic junkie since I was a teenager, falling deep under the ship’s spell when Dr. Robert Ballard discovered her battered hull lying on the ocean floor. I built model after model, each increasing in complexity, finally culminating in a large scale reproduction of Titanic as it exists today, or at least what weRead More