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'A worthy heir to Jimmie Lee Vaughan': Kim Wilson, Tinsley Ellis to honor Sean Costello

A guest-packed benefit show to support the Sean Costello Memorial Fund for Bipolar Research is set for September 29, 2012, with appearances scheduled by Tinsley Ellis, Kim Wilson and Gina Sicilia, among others.

A Special Benefit Concert In Memory of Sean Costello

A Special Benefit Concert In Memory of Sean Costello

by Pico In the last year I’ve written here to first sing the praises of Sean Costello’s new We Can Get Together album, then bereave his sudden death a mere month later, and finally, recognize his album again at year-end evaluation time. And now, I’m back to discuss Sean once more, but this time for a higher purpose. Doing publicRead More

The Best of 2008, Part 5: Blues & Louisiana Music

The Best of 2008, Part 5: Blues & Louisiana Music

If whack jazz isn’t exactly your cup of tea, this fifth and final installment of “The Best of 2008” might suit you better. It’s all about the blues, here. I took a fairly broad view of what is called “the blues.” Some of these records may not have a single twelve-bar blues in them, but they will all have enoughRead More

Sean Costello (1979-2008): An Appreciation

by Pico It was hardly a month ago when I was on this space talking up this brand new release by blues wunderkind Sean Costello called We Can Get Together. Costello really impressed me as the former guitar prodigy who was poised to take up a long-term residency at the top of the blues echelon and Together was a slamRead More

Sean Costello – We Can Get Together (2008)

Photo by John Morris When you first hear 28-year-old Sean Costello with his soulful, emotive voice and his tasty guitar licks, it’s tempting to compare him to Jonny Lang. Born less than two years apart and both making their proper debut albums at the age of sixteen, the comparisons between the two get even more unavoidable. When you listen closer,Read More