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Torben Waldorff – Holiday On Fire (2017)

Torben Waldorff – Holiday On Fire (2017)

It might have taken a little longer this time, but with ‘Holiday On Fire,’ guitarist, composer and producer Torben Waldorff has done it again.

Esbjörn Svensson Trio – 301 (2012)

Damn … damn! That’s the kind of reaction I have when hearing an artist who left us with still a lot remaining to give.

One Track Mind: Pixel, "Call Me" (2012)

Ornette Coleman used it, and so did Gerry Mulligan. And now, a quartet of Norwegians in their mid-20s is doing it, too. However Pixel, as this Nordic combo is called, isn’t making Harmolodics out of the non-chordal trumpet/sax/standup bass/drums configuration.

Terje Rypdal – Odyssey: In Studio and In Concert (1975, 2012 reissue)

Apart from his trademark whammy bar-induced vibrato, Norwegian guitarist, keyboardist, saxophonist, composer and bandleader Terje Rypdal has been one of the hardest to define figures of progressive jazz

InterStatic – InterStatic (2012)

The British expat residing in Oslo Roy Powell is a Hammond B-3 specialist who prefers not to get stuck in tradition.

Half Notes: Juhani Aaltonen and Heikki Sarmanto – Conversations (2011)

Two major figures from the first generation of Finland’s modern jazz musicians saxophonist Juhani Aaltonen and pianist Heikki Sarmanto have played together for nearly fifty years, recording some thirty albums together in a variety of settings along the way.

Half Notes: Tord Gustavsen Quartet – The Well (2012)

ECM is a record label that is often stereotyped as offering only open, spacious, and sterile European—frequently Scandinavian—kind of chamber jazz and I’ve often come across so many exceptions, that characterization can’t even be considered the rule. But Tord Gustavsen’s music can be.

Nils Petter Molvær – Baboon Moon (2011)

I had come into writing this review thinking I had already reviewed the prior release by pioneering fusion jazz trumpeter Nils Petter Molvær, Hamada (2009), but found that I hadn’t.

Nordic Connect – Spirals (2011)

Nordic Connect – Spirals (2011)

Photo of Ingrid Jensen from by S. Victor Aaron Nordic Connect is a grouping of musicians from Canada (Ingrid Jensen, trumpet; Ingrid’s sister Christine Jensen, alto and soprano saxes), U.S.A. (Ingrid’s husband Jon Wikan, drums), and Sweden (Maggie Olin (piano, Fender Rhodes; Mattias Welin, acoustic bass). The name points up to the Scandinavian ancestry of all its members, andRead More

Karl Seglem – (2010)

Karl Seglem – (2010)

by Pico Jan Gabarek. There, I had to get that out of way right off. A Norwegian saxophone player who skillfully blends jazz with folk music of his homeland…who else would come to mind so quickly? Probably no one. But to be fair to tenor saxophonist Karl Seglem, he’s worked hard to build his own legacy and, out statesideRead More