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Marc Bolan – At the BBC (2013)

Marc Bolan had been championed by John Peel long before he had a chance to hang a hub-cap diamond star halo on music lovers with T Rex. The proof is in this 6-CD set featuring every appearance he ever made on the BBC.

Forgotten series: Jet – Nothing To Do With Us: A Golden Treasury Of Jet (2000)

Not at all associated with the contemporary Australian band of the same name, these fellows came from London, England and got together in 1974.

The Rockologist: Donovan went from Forrest Gump to Rock Hall's sunshine superman

With all the media attention surrounding Axl Rose thumbing his nose at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this week, it’s been a little sad to see the induction of 2012 fellow honoree Donovan Leitch become swallowed up in the hoopla.