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Charlie Haden and Jim Hall – Charlie Haden-Jim Hall (2014)

An unheard archival recording from Charlie Haden and Jim Hall is even better than expected – and that’s saying a whole lot.

(Cross the) Heartland: Pat Metheny, “Barcarole” (1981)

(Cross the) Heartland: Pat Metheny, “Barcarole” (1981)

I had a guitar player friend who, when the topic of Pat Metheny came up, would say that he bought a copy of Offramp when it first came out, but didn’t like it all that much because he could never figure out when Metheny was playing the guitar.

The Friday Morning Listen: Jim Hall and Ron Carter- Alone Together (1972)

The Friday Morning Listen: Jim Hall and Ron Carter- Alone Together (1972)

When I heard that Jim Hall had died I thought, “Shoot, I was hoping he was gonna live till the ripe old age of…” Of course, I then realized that he had lived that long.

Jim Hall – Jim Hall's Three (1986)

A great example of a player who’s equally comfortable in both traditional and “modern” settings.

Pat Metheny – One Quiet Night (2003)

One night back in the late 1970s, me and my cousin Andy were playing a game of backgammon (cripes, that really was a long time ago … I remember there was a Styx Grand Illusion poster on the wall

Half Notes: Bill Evans and Jim Hall – Intermodulation (1966)

by Mark Saleski Firstly, credit must be tossed in the direction of my former guitar teacher. Jerry Adams turned me on to piles of great jazz (and loaned me actual LPs). Jerry’s favorite guitarist was Jim Hall. I’m not sure I’d use the word “obsessive,” though Jerry did relate a story about how he got tickets to attend a tapingRead More

Half Notes: Tom Harrell – Roman Nights (2010)

by Mark Saleski My favorite Tom Harrell record is actually a Jim Hall record. These Rooms was a Jim Hall Trio album featuring Tom Harrell. Really great stuff. There was a certain synergy between Harrell’s flugelhorn and Hall’s guitar. Some of that kind of thing is evident on Roman Nights. Danny Grissett’s beautiful piano introduction on the title track leadsRead More

Gimme Five: Forgotten jazz gems from Duke Ellington, Gil Evans, Ron Carter/Jim Hall, Oliver Nelson and Nat Adderley

by Nick DeRiso Even a passing fan can purchase with some confidence the touchstone jazz recordings of the last century. But what next? How to explore deeper into the legacy? SomethingElse! is here to help, with an ongoing guide to what we like to call “if/then” jazz listening … IF YOU LIKE … Charles Mingus’ The Black Saint and theRead More

Jim Hall – Dedications and Inspirations (1994)

Jim Hall displays an extraordinary warmth here, expanding upon his terrific 1984 duo collaboration with bassist Ron Carter on Concord, “Live at the Village West.” This is where Hall was perhaps always headed, even while he established himself as an ace sideman in associations with legends like Ella Fitzgerald (on the famous “Ella in Berlin” concert for Verve), then downsizedRead More