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Something Else! sneak peek: Bill Frisell, "#9 Dream" (2011)

From the first, it seems, guitarist Bill Frisell has sought to synthesize jazz with country and folk themes, and that impulse works to tremendous effect on this deft remake of John Lennon’s “#9 Dream,” from a forthcoming tribute recording

George Lernis Jazz Quartet – Shapes of Nature (2011)

An ambitious debut featuring seven original titles, George Lernis’ Shapes of Nature is a great new example of how Tony Williams’ legacy continues to play out in jazz.

Half Notes: Christian Pabst Trio – Days Of Infinity (2011)

German pianist Christian Pabst is still studying (at the European Jazz Master’s Programme at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam), but his new CD with his longtime trio shows that he’s already learned a lot. Maybe it only seems that way because of the rapport he’s developed over the years with drummer Andreas Klein and bassist David Andres, or maybe because PabstRead More

Greg Burk – Many Worlds (2010)

by Mark Saleski Several years ago, I happened upon a book called A Pattern Language. It was an odd purchase for me, because I’m not really an architecture person, at least not in the grand “Oooh, majestic building!” sense

Steve Kuhn with Strings – Promises Kept (2004)

by Mark Saleski I can probably count on the fingers of one hand the number of jazz “with strings” records that ‘work’ for me. This is a somewhat mysterious phenomenon as jazz and improvised music is food to me.

Brian Settles/Central Union – Secret Handshake (2011)

There’s something odd I noticed about this record from the opening moments: there’s a piano on it. Why is that so bizarre you ask?

One Track Mind: Sasha Masakowski, “Life on Mars” (2011)

For a moment, all you hear is James Westfall, playing a plaintive shape on the piano. Then jazz singer Sasha Masakowski slips in behind him, performing in another tongue – sounding like a passing thought that brings you all the way out of a daydream.

John Scofield Trio – EnRoute (2004)

by Mark Saleski It was at a small Japanese restaurant north of Boston (or south of Concord, New Hampshire, depending on your level of Hub-centricness). Sushi. Never had it before. You read about things like this for years. Suddenly, it’s your turn.

Craig Taborn – Avenging Angel (2011)

Finally. After more than four years of noting on this space his key contributions to other people’s records, including list-topping performances led by David Torn, Chris Potter and Michael Formanek, we get to talk about a record actually led by one of the very top keyboardists working in downtown New York today.

Roland Hanna – Colors from a Giant’s Kit (2011)

Why wasn’t Roland Hanna, a first-rate piano improviser and brilliant accompanist, more famous? Newly unearthed sessions for the IPO Recordings release Colors From a Giant’s Kit, again first-rate, again brilliant, don’t do anything to solve the riddle.