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New Standard Quintet – The Many Faces (2012)

New Standard Quintet lives up to its name, time and again, not by resurrecting age-old tracks but by trying to fashion its own rules for approaching original jazz music.

Papa Grows Funk – Needle in the Groove (2012)

Papa Grows Funk returns with its most collaborative effort yet, as Needle in the Groove boasts a whopping three producers — including Louisiana legend Allen Toussaint — and a set of songs composed together as a group.

Juozas Milasius – Slow (2009)

This was a rare thing: an album of guitar music where the guitar isn’t really the point. Put a different way, it’s the ideas that are given the focus, not the chops.

Lorenzo Feliciati – Frequent Flyer (2012)

As one of the more talked about fusion records of last year, Naked Truth’s Shizaru put four established maestros from jazz, rock and avant garde words in the same studio, resulting in an album that pulled in creative streams from all of these music worlds into a purposeful, distinctive and provocative body of work.

Herbie Hancock calls for International Jazz Day, to be held annually on April 30

The inaugural International Jazz Day on April 30, called by Herbie Hancock as his initial proposal upon being named a goodwill ambassador by UNESCO, will include concerts in New Orleans, Paris and New York. Jazz-related events are also scheduled in several dozen other countries, as well.

Steve Lehman Trio – Dialect Fluorescent – (2012)

Travail, Transformation and Flow (2009) served noticed that everyone’s favorite up and coming alto saxophonist has come up and arrived. Now, Steve Lehman is poised to build his nascent legacy as an established artist

New Music Monday: Birdy, Esperanza Spalding, B-52s, one more for Randy Rhoads

The week’s teetering stack of piping hot freshness in music is topped by Brad Mehldau, Esperanza Spalding and Lost in the Trees

Brad Mehldau – Ode (2012)

Time away from the studio has apparently given Brad Mehldau time to compose, and this long-awaited new trio studio release is better for it.

Esperanza Spalding – Radio Music Society (2012)

Esperanza Spalding comes into this already boasting an impressive resume: flinty jazz bassist, carmel-voiced chanteuse, Grammy sensation. With Radio Music Society, she clearly hopes to add another line: Pop star.

Half Notes: Steve Horowitz – New Monsters (2012)

Steve Horowitz can be considered a jazz musician, but you’re not likely to have heard some of his music through the same channels as other jazz musicians.