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Vijay Iyer Trio – Accelerando (2012)

The use of modern rhythms, imaginative arrangements, strong material and just plain, old fashioned butt-kicking virtuosity powers Vijay Iyer’s ‘Accelerando’ to greatness.

Wes Montgomery – Echoes of Indiana Avenue (2012)

Dismissed late in life as a sell-out entertainer, Wes Montgomery — you’re reminded all over again, with this group of previously unreleased sides — could play with both an uncanny smoothness and a sharp improvisational wit.

Mort Weiss: Ornette Coleman and Don Cherry once blew us away under LA's Big Top

Los Angeles/Hollywood, California, in the late 1940s through the early 1960s was a happening place for jazz and jazz musicians. There was always a place to play a jam session, or more correctly session(s)

Half Notes: Jacob Deaton – Tribulation (2012)

Atlanta guitarist Jacob Deaton began the year with a new album—his first one, in fact—and makes a good initial impression.

Merbow – Dead Zone (2012)

Music reviewing is famously described as “dancing about architecture” but dissecting Merbow’s noise music is more comparable to slicing water. For starters, the Japanese king of noise challenges and stretches the whole notion of what we call music.

Half Notes: Nick Moran Trio – No Time Like Now (2012)

What struck me first about the Nick Moran Trio’s second album No Time Like Now were the instantly likable melodies and the righteous grooves.

Something Else! Interview: Bass-playing jazz legend Stanley Clarke

A new seven-album retrospective from Legacy focuses on one of Stanley Clarke’s most innovative periods, his solo Epic recordings of the 1970s.

Bill Frisell, Matt Chamberlain, Lee Townsend and Tucker Martine – Floratone II (2012)

Bill Frisell, Matt Chamberlain, Lee Townsend and Tucker Martine – Floratone II (2012)

Floratone to Bill Frisell is a lot like what the Fireman is to Paul McCartney: a way to break outside of usual comfort areas.

Ahmad Jamal – Blue Moon (2012)

With the death of Hank Jones a couple of years ago, Ahmad Jamal might now be considered the dean of jazz pianists, but in all likelihood, he’s long been more influential

Magnolia Memoir – The Perfect Crime (2012)

Magnolia Memoir has been described, and beautifully so, as Fiona Apple meets the Killers with a dash of the Clash — and that’s a good start.