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Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber – All Ya Needs That Negrocity (2011)

In characterizing the music of the deliberately elusive collective Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber, one can come up with a whole host of made-up genres and still not quite nail what they sound like.

New Music Monday: Santana and Sinead O'Connor, Don Byron and Blue Öyster Cult

New Music Monday beings another truckload of interesting releases, not least of which are Cursive, Don Byron, Mona and Sinead O’Connor

Don Byron’s New Gospel Quintet – Love Peace and Soul (2012): Half Notes

The debut of this soulfully swaying amalgam finds Byron – one of this era’s more intriguing jazz clarinetist/saxophonists – turning his attention to the layered musical legacies of Thomas A. Dorsey and Sister Rosetta Tharpe.

Hyrrokkin – Astrionics (EP, 2011)

Hyrrokkin, which is named after one of Saturn’s moons, is a band that didn’t exist nine months ago but came together quickly and late last summer, produced an EP on cassette and CDR’s as they went a-touring across across North America.

Half Notes: Chloe Brisson – Blame It On My Youth (2012)

When this New Hampshire vocalist first arrived with the debut project Red Door Sessions, she was all of 13-years-old. Inevitably, the attention surrounding Brisson was as much (maybe more) about her age as her, well, her voice. Chloe Brisson returns, four years later, with an album that makes the case for a career beyond that of youthful curiosity. In theRead More

David S. Ware String Ensemble – Threads (2003)

David S. Ware felt it was time to focus on his abilities as a composer. As he puts it: “I didn’t want to make another quartet album with everybody blowing.

Ivo Perelman/Joe Morris/Gerald Cleaver – Family Ties (2012)

Ivo Perelman is currently on a creative spree, and this latest frenzy is comparable to the 1996-2000 period when he tore off 20 albums.

Mort Weiss: On white guys playing the blues, and Benny Goodman practicing nude

Yes, I drank muddy water — and slept in a hollow log! Um, hmm! I said that I steady drank muddy water, and slept in a hollow log. Ah huh!

Wynton Marsalis: Recognizing a blues song should be part of application for U.S. citizenry

Wynton Marsalis, in a talk on protecting the legacy of American music for future generations, offered a bold suggestion

Half Notes: Jeff Hamilton Trio – Red Sparkle (2012)

As with the Symbiosis album that it follows, Red Sparkle is a Jeff Hamilton small combo setting where its drummer leader can make his presence known without having to be overbearing.