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Basia, “Matteo” from Butterflies (2018): Something Else! Sneak Peak

Here is an advance stream of Basia’s “Matteo” from her upcoming new album ‘Butterflies.’

Karen Mantler – Business Is Bad (2014)

As a collection of children’s songs for grown-ups, ‘Business Is Bad’ would be terribly silly if it wasn’t so damned inconspicuously clever. Thankfully, it *is* clever, and marks the return of Karen Mantler after nearly a decade and a half off without skipping a beat.

The Summarily Dismissed – To Each (2013)

[youtube] The legacy of Laura Nyro deserves more than to rely on original recordings or innumerable covers; a member of a newer generation to make new music in that old spirit is needed to keep her eccentric, intelligent brand of pop vital and alive. So why not Ari Shagal?