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Jane Ira Bloom – Sixteen Sunsets (2014)

Jane Ira Bloom is a most adventurous soprano saxophonist, but sometimes even those musicians who thrive on the edge feel a need to go back to a simpler time when the beauty of a melody was paramount

Jane Ira Bloom – Wingwalker (2011)

photo: Tom Lau S. Victor Aaron In preparing to assess Jane Ira Bloom’s brand new CD Wingwalker, I pulled out the prior one, the excellent Mental Weather from 2008. The striking comparison between the two became obvious before I even pulled the CD from the sleeve; I quickly noticed that both of the CD covers featured Bloom performing in motion,Read More

The Best of 2008, Part 4: Whack Jazz

The Best of 2008, Part 4: Whack Jazz

This is Part Four overall, but the last part of the “Best of Jazz” trilogy. While the last section focused on fusion, here’s where we’re gettin’ wiggy with it because this section is devoted to whack jazz. Looking back, I’m disappointed in myself that I didn’t cover that many new releases from the whack jazz realm; I covered just asRead More

Jane Ira Bloom – Mental Weather (2008)

photo by Jack Vartoogian The first thing that is usually said about Jane Ira Bloom is that she is the rare jazz saxophonist who plays the soprano sax…exclusively. With so many prominent forebears who made made memorable music on the straight horn ranging from John Coltrane to Dave Liebman, it wouldn’t seem to be that big of a deal, butRead More