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The Louisianna Superdome is surrounded by floodwaters from Hurricane Katrina Thursday, Sept. 1, 2005 in New Orleans. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip, Pool)

Dr. John, Preservation Hall + others: Music framed initial journey past Hurricane Katrina

In the period immediately after New Orleans’ levees failed under Hurricane Katrina’s onslaught beginning on Aug. 29, 2005, musicians began trying to make sense of things.

The John Lurie National Orchestra – The Invention Of Animals (2014)

John Lurie is a musician, a composer, an accomplished painter, and an actor. For good measure, toss in raconteur and all-around Internet wise guy.

Vernon Reid on Spectrum Road, Living Colour and James ‘Blood’ Ulmer: Gimme Five

Vernon Reid on Spectrum Road, Living Colour and James ‘Blood’ Ulmer: Gimme Five

Vernon Reid has a busy 2012 on tap, with a new collaboration as a part of Spectrum Road and then the latest project with Living Colour.

James Blood Ulmer – In And Out (2010)

James Blood Ulmer – In And Out (2010)

by Pico Part Sonny Sharrock, part John Lee Hooker, James “Blood” Ulmer resides in his own unique space overlapping blues, whack jazz, straight jazz, rock, funk and a smattering of other forms. His ragged vocals and jagged guitar form a trademark weathered sound that’s sometimes calm, usually stormy and always unpredictable. We at SE tend to particularly like guitarists whoRead More

James Blood Ulmer – Bad Blood In The City: The Piety Street Sessions (2007)

There probably isn’t a guitarist today who is at once rootsy, complex and yet undernoticed as James “Blood” Ulmer. He stands at the juxtaposition of so many styles that he cannot be put neatly in a single one of those. His uniquely scrabbling guitar attack, as once described by Village Voice music critic Greg Tate, is “the missing link betweenRead More