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Jü – Summa (2017)

Jü – Summa (2017)

Jü is a band with plenty of potency with the intelligence of knowing when and where to apply it. ‘Summa’ builds on that solid start with Kjetil Møster to take their game up even higher.

JÜ – JÜ Meets Møster (2014)

What happens when the Hungarian thrash-jazz trio JÜ meets the Norwegian sax firebrand Kjetil Møster? Fury, foreboding and fireworks.

Ferenc Nemeth and Attila Laszlo [featuring the Yellowjackets’ Jimmy Haslip + Russell Ferrante] – Bridges of Souls (2014)

Here’s a review of ‘Bridges of Souls,’ a tasteful fusion excursion from Hungarian drum ace Ferenc Nemeth and Hugarian guitar ace Attila Laszlo.

Ferenc Nemeth – Triumph (2012)

Hungarian born, Berklee trained drummer Ferenc Nemeth has high aims for only his second solo album, Triumph, a musical manifestation for his hopes for a world where people can attain their highest potential and work together harmoniously as a collective ambition.

Dr. Lonnie Smith – The Healer (2012)

The Healer begins not with a fiery assertion of his soul-jazz supremacy, but with a smoky rumination called “Back Track” — and Dr. Lonnie Smith and Co. remain right there, stubbornly outside of expectations.