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Ella Fitzgerald, “Perdido” (1949): Appreciations

Ella Fitzgerald, “Perdido” (1949): Appreciations

“Perdido” was supposed to be a live showcase for Charlie Parker. Then Ella Fitzgerald – who would have been 100 today – stepped up to the mic.

Mort Weiss: Paul Whiteman's TV show, and spending New Year's Eve with Ella Fitzgerald

I was quite active in the early days of live television, most of which was shot in Hollywood, California. Sometime in the latter part of 1951, I got a call from the director and producer of many teen-oriented TV shows.

Ella Fitzgerald – Love Letters from Ella (2007)

by Mark Saleski As record stores vanish, as more and more people get their music digitally, as the physical medium is phased out, well … honestly, I don’t know what the heck is going on out there.

Ella Fitzgerald and Oscar Peterson – Ella and Oscar (1975, reissue)

Ella Fitzgerald and Oscar Peterson – Ella and Oscar (1975, reissue)

by Nick DeRiso Though not the hoped-for third-act triumph, Ella and Oscar still has its enduring charms. See, Oscar Peterson, a hard-banging piano genius as bluesy as he was inventive, should have made the perfect foil for Ella Fitzgerald on this stripped-down date, set for reissue on March 15 by Concord. It seems that too much time, however, had passedRead More

Oscar Peterson (1925-2007): An Appreciation

Oscar Peterson, one of jazz music’s most recognizable modern-day pianists, was felled on Sunday not from the lingering effects of a 1993 stroke — he kept playing after that — but from kidney failure. He passed, aged 82, in his native Canada outside Toronto. Peterson’s stroke compromised his left hand some, but never his spirit. That unstoppable will to swingRead More