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Chicken Diamond – Skeleton Coast (2018)

Chicken Diamond – Skeleton Coast (2018)

The direct punk-blues of the French one-man-band Chicken Diamond never gets old, and Diamond’s fifth long player Skeleton Coast is just as fresh and violent as the other four LP’s. That’s right, there are still

Chicken Diamond – The Night Has A Thousand Eyes (2016)

Chicken Diamond – The Night Has A Thousand Eyes (2016)

The 4th album by the French rowdy blues one-man-band Chicken Diamond gives us more of the same full-on bite that graced the first three long players, and a little bit more.

Chicken Diamond – My Name is Charles ‘Chicken’ Diamond (2014)

When I asked Chicken Diamond what’s the name of his upcoming record, he replied, “This is simply named: ‘My Name is Charles ‘Chicken’ Diamond’. Albert Ayler style.”

S. Victor Aaron’s Top Albums for 2012, Part 1 of 4: Non-Jazz

Part 2, Mainstream and Modern Jazz >>> For the sixth straight year, it’s time to look back on the year in music to recollect which albums I really, really liked this year and make a list.

Chicken Diamond – Chicken Diamond II (2012)

I’ve been pretty impressed with how just two guys from Indiana could create such a big, raucous noise while upholding the principles of Southern blues. Well imagine that kind of music being generated by one guy, from France.