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Greg Brown – In the Hills of California (2004)

Finally, a live Greg Brown album that captured his stripped-down, live sound. For many years leading up to this 2004 release, Greg has been doing solo shows backed up by the wonderful Bo Ramsey on electric guitar. That particular sound pairing is on full display here

Greg Brown – Freak Flag (2011)

We love these songs. The words become a part of us. Does that mean we “know” the artist? When Bruce Springsteen appeared on VH1’s Storytellers, a fan asked him that very same question. Bruce’s response was a resounding (and laughter-infused) “Nope!” It makes sense really

Forgotten series: Lucinda Williams – Essence (2001)

Forgotten series: Lucinda Williams – Essence (2001)

Lucinda Williams brings a brave, riveting vulnerability to Essence — and, for me, it’s her masterpiece. Yet you are more apt to find it in the cutout bin at a big-box department store than at the top of most people’s desert-island lists. Perhaps the sensual melancholy of Essence was too personal, maybe it held too much dark intrigue. She takesRead More