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Ben Tyree – BT3: Burn It! LIVE (2014)

Live in front of an audience is how this music demands to be played, if the musicians are good enough. Ben Tyree and BT3 are way more than ‘good enough.’

Ben Tyree – Thoughtform Variations (2012)

Ben Tyree describes himself not as a guitarist but rather a “sonic architect,” which sends the message that he sees his station in life at a higher plane; the guitar is simply a means to a grander end.

Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber – All Ya Needs That Negrocity (2011)

In characterizing the music of the deliberately elusive collective Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber, one can come up with a whole host of made-up genres and still not quite nail what they sound like.

Ben Tyree/BT3 – re:Vision (2010)

A couple of years back while covering a record by the whack jazz-funk-rock big band Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber I picked out Living Colour’s Vernon Reid’s contributions to the collective, but he wasn’t the only guitarist on there.