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Half Notes: Arturo O'Farrill – The Noguchi Sessions (2012)

The Grammy-award winning Arturo O’Farrill, in preparing for his first-ever solo piano performance in concert at the Noguchi Museum in Long Island City, New York, worked out the initial parameters during a Wednesday night residency at Puppet’s Jazz Bar in Brooklyn. Then, he simply set up a piano in the one of the museum’s galleries after closing time and playedRead More

David Bixler & Arturo O'Farrill – The Auction Project (2010)

David Bixler & Arturo O'Farrill – The Auction Project (2010)

by Mark SaleskiOver the years, there have been a lot of musical hybrids that have surprised our ears by revealing hidden commonalities in melded musical genres. For instance, I’m fairly certain that my only exposure to hip-hop back before the mid-1980’s was with Sugar Hill’s “Rapper’s Delight,” and Blondie’s “Rapture.” The idea of Run-D.M.C. teaming up with Aerosmith was probablyRead More