It’s Psychedelic Baby, No. 1 (2014): Magazines

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Not only is It’s Psychedelic Baby one of the best sites to visit for all your psychedelic needs, but it is now also published in paper form.

Operating out of Slovenia and edited by Klemen Breznikar, who at age 12, was introduced to the genre when stumbling upon a copy of Country Joe and the Fish’s Electric Music for the Mind and Body that belonged to his father, It’s Psychedelic Baby offers coverage on sounds from both yesterday and today, as well as side trips into garage rock, progressive rock, metal rock, and just about anything and everything deemed different and unique.

Dressed in appropriate kaleidoscopic graphics, It’s Psychedelic Baby, issue No. 1, has gotten off to a great start by paying special tribute to legendary 1960s Texas bands. Interviews with Chris Gerniottis of Zakary Thaks, Ted Lee Eubanks of the Lemon Fog, George Kinney of Golden Dawn, Danny Thomas of the 13th Floor Elevators, Dan Mitchell of the Moving Sidewalks, and Billy Miller of Cold Sun are just a hurried mention of some of the faces filling the pages.

Pieces on Witch, Lamp Of The Universe, Atomic Forest, a chat with Mike Stax of Ugly Things magazine and leader of the Loons, and a conversation with Bill Holt of Dreamies fame, further adorn the magazine. Record reviews and inspiring dialogues on the joys and benefits of psychedelic music additionally steal the show.

At a time when physical magazines are dying faster than a row of roses in the summer heat, it’s a real treat to see It’s Psychedelic Baby go against the grain, although the publication still and always will live in cyberspace. Flooded with enthusiasm, knowledge, and relentless affection for the music it lauds, It’s Psychedelic Baby — which is written in English — promises moments of pleasure. Having produced an ace debut issue, let’s hope more are in the works!

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