‘One of the best things’: The Yardbirds’ Jim McCarty praises Rush’s take on ‘Shapes of Things To Come’

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There have been countless updates of 1966’s “Shapes of Things to Come” since the Yardbirds released this proto-psychedelic classic — including, of course, many from the band itself. But which one resonates most with stalwart leader Jim McCarty?

“The Rush version of ‘Shapes Of Things’ was very good,” McCarty tells DMME, “and even the David Bowie one was quite good. We’ve heard a few more, and we actually played with Boney M about 10 years ago, in Germany, and they did a very nice version; [Liz Mitchell] is a very good singer.

McCarty says, in the end, he has a clear idea as to why this particular song has become one of the Yardbirds’ signature songs, not to mention one of its most covered.

“‘Shapes Of Things’ was one of the best things we produced,” McCarty adds, “because it was original and it had the talents of all the band in it, and everyone put in their best. It had great vocals and fantastic guitar sound and good lyrics — and it was an interesting song that encompassed everything from the band.”

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