‘I have these new songs coming’: Resurgent David Crosby is already thinking about next album

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David Crosby is no exactly a prolific solo artist, having issed just three albums total before his well-received new comeback effort Croz, and none since 1993. But something unusual happened with this new project, which shot up to No. 36 on the Billboard charts — his highest individual finish since 1971’s No. 12 hit If I Could Only Remember My Name.

Better still, the two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Famer says his muse is back.

“I’m thinking about making another one now,” Crosby tells WGN Radio‘s Pete McMurray, because Croz did really well. Surprise, surprise! And I have these new songs coming. I have two new ones, and another one on the way. And I’m writing, let’s see, four songs with other people — and they’re coming out good. So, I think I’m probably going to make another record.

Crosby released Oh Yes I Can in 1989, and Thousand Roads in 1994, but neither got any higher than No. 104. He’s also part of the new CSNY 1974 box set, which debuted at No. 17 on the Billboard charts.

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