Something Else! exclusive stream: Terje Lie, “You Know” from Bright Moments (2014)

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Summer time is here and a good time for a sunny groove, right? Cue up the sounds of beach-lovin’, LA-based Norwegian saxophonist Terje Lie.

“You Know” is the first single from Lie’s upcoming third long-player Bright Moments (July 15, 2014, by TCat Records). And while Terje Lie (that’s “Terry Lee” to us Americans) and his tenor saxophone is the focal point of the song, it would terribly remiss to not mention the contributions of the album’s producers, Jeff Lorber and Jimmy Haslip.

With an ace keyboarder and electric bassist on board to not only produce but also perform and co-write the tunes, there’s no way this collaboration isn’t going to put forth some of the finest in groove jazz and that’s just what “You Know” delivers. Lie’s sax unites with Lorber’s Rhodes for most of the song through slithering, foot-tapping single-note paths and a melody with a real chorus and a bridge. Lorber later begins to solo with soul on a vintage synth and Haslip responds with some funky, pentatonic scale bass remarks as the song reaches fadeout.

A Jeff Lorber Fusion-meets-Terje Lie affair? Sure, you could say that, but that’s also what happened with Lie’s prior release Urban Vacation and look how good that turned out. Always smart to keep a good thing going.

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