‘I don’t even know my address!’: Black Sabbath’s Ozzy Osbourne still getting used to driving himself

Ozzy Osbourne is still getting used to driving, a few years after finally getting his license — and then immediately crashing his new Ferrari.

“It only took 40 years,” Osbourne tells Chelsea in this video. “I go down to the shops now. It’s good to get out of the house on your own, you know?”

Osbourne, who reunited with Black Sabbath after 35 years apart for the new chart-topping studio project 13 and a new tour, had reportedly take the driver’s exam a staggering 19 previous times. On at least one occasion, Osbourne says he showed up at the testing facility with a bottle of vodka in his pocket.

Of course, one thing has inevitably led to another. Once he became mobile, Osbourne’s long-time wife began making a new demand.

“I got the car, I got the driver’s license, and Sharon goes: ‘You’ve got to have a cell phone,’” Osbourne adds. “I don’t like cell phones. I don’t like computers. I don’t have them. She says, if you break down, what are you going to do? I don’t even know my address!”

The confusion isn’t from Osbourne’s legendarily drug-addled life, however. He says that in 28 years of marriage, he and his wife have rented or bought some 27 houses.

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