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Blackmore’s Night – Dancer and the Moon (2013)

Blackmore’s Night – Dancer and the Moon (2013)

For those Deep Purple and Rainbow fans who’ve struggled to come to grips with Ritchie Blackmore’s turn toward ren-faire folkism with Blackmore’s Night, Dancer and the Moon might just provide the perfect entry point.

John Nowak – Once More with Feeling (2013)

The question, of course, is whether any more feeling can be wrung from these age-old standards, so many times have they been done. John Nowak’s answer on Once More with Feeling? Absolutely.

Ethan Keller – Goin’ Down In History, Goin’ Down In Flames (2013)

Making an audacious statement like “goin’ down in history, goin’ down in flames,” can mean an act of desperation, going for broke, or just going all in.