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The Doobie Brothers – Let the Music Play (2012)

The Doobie Brothers – Let the Music Play (2012)

Let the Music Play is subtitled “The Story of the Doobie Brothers,” and in keeping traces their oft-told journey from boogie-rock band to sleek soul-popsters and back. Most interesting of all, however, might be this DVD’s 48 minutes of rare live performances.

Jeff Coffin and the Mu’Tet – Into the Air (2012)

A dazzling and cosmopolitan trip, Into the Air finds Jeff Coffin and his Mu’Tet in fine form indeed.

Kalen – Falling from the Sun (2012)

Even as so many singers today seem to be reluctant to give themselves over to the lyric, more concerned with histrionics than connecting on an emotional level, Kalen’s new EP cuts a different path.

Esbjörn Svensson Trio – 301 (2012)

Damn … damn! That’s the kind of reaction I have when hearing an artist who left us with still a lot remaining to give.