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Steely Dan Sunday, Special sneak peek!: Donald Fagen’s “Out Of The Ghetto” (2012)

*** STEELY DAN SUNDAY INDEX *** On Donald Fagen’s last album Morph The Cat, there’s a great tune on there where he’s imagining himself as a young man asking Ray Charles what makes him tick.

Keith Emerson – Three Fates Project (2012)

Keith Emerson – Three Fates Project (2012)

There is a visceral power in these recordings, as the Keith Emerson Band performs within this orchestral torrent — blending the keyboardist’s long-held passions for rock and classical, finally, in the most complete of ways.

Shows I’ll Never Forget: J.D. Souther, July 22, 2012

The XPoNential Music Festival, Camden, N.J.: John David Souther has always been a much-loved songwriter who, despite the fact he doesn’t have an extensive catalog of his own recorded music, had a lot of success