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Something Else! Interview: Legendary drummer Steve Gadd

Steve Gadd had established himself as one of the most versatile drummers working in music today long before the advent of the Gaddabouts. He used all of that experience in constructing this new band.

Katherine Young's Pretty Monsters – Katherine Young's Pretty Monsters (2012)

Just about every other symphony orchestral instrument has been drafted into service for the diabolically opposed world of improvised music, so why not the bassoon?

On Second Thought: Stevie Wonder – Where I'm Coming From (1971)

Where I’m Coming From is the big turning point in Stevie Wonder’s career. Released in 1971, shortly before his 21st birthday and around the time his original Motown contract expired, it was the first album under Wonder’s new deal

Iggy Pop, John Wetton, Nektar, Sweet, Todd Rundgren – Who Are You: An All Star Tribute to the Who (2012)

The intrigue of compilations like this is when seemingly incongruent artists successfully combine, or when somebody turns a familiar tune inside out.