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'We would be celebrating Kiss': Paul Stanley says no reunions planned for 40th anniversary

January 2013 will make the 40th anniversary of Kiss, and details remain sketchy as to just what the band will do to celebrate. Well, except this: Co-founder Paul Stanley says there won’t be any reunions with former members.

James Falzone & KLANG – brooklyn lines…chicago spaces (2012)

James Falzone is part of a young, resurgent cadre of clarinet players that also includes the likes of Ben Goldberg and Anat Cohen, determined to prove the continued vitality of this sometimes-forgotten wood instrument of jazz.

'A real return to our sources, our roots': Inside the retro-funky new Tom Tom Club EP

The Tom Tom Club’s new groove-based, very 1970s six-song EP Downtown Rockers finds former Talking Head rhythmnists Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth digging back into their earliest influences.

Desert Island Discs: Box Set Edition

Given a chance to stuff five box sets into our baggage before that fateful trip, our panel of intrepid travelers has selected the Beatles and Miles Davis as must-have items. But not by much.

Darren Jay and the Delta Souls – Drink My Wine (2012)

There’s not much Memphis blues traveler Darren Jay can’t do, as his varied, deeply absorbing Drink My Wine makes abundantly clear.

Aimee Mann – Charmer (2012)

If there’s a knock on Aimee Mann, and I’m not sure I buy this, it’s that the singer-songwriter’s albums haven’t always done enough musically to properly feature her mood-setting lyrical complexity. Charmer certainly answers the criticism head on.