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Steely Dan Sunday, “The Nightfly” (1982)

The Nightfly came out during the time I attended Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA. I recall strolling through LSU’s Quadrangle late one night and as I glanced over to see the library

On Second Thought: The Fixx – Beautiful Friction (2012)

I’ve found that the Fixx’s Beautiful Friction becomes a richer experience the longer it plays — and the longer it stays.

Blackberry Smoke – The Whippoorwill (2012)

Blackberry Smoke – The Whippoorwill (2012)

Fans of Blackberry Smoke’s earlier work might be disappointed that a little bit of the harder edge is missing, but even being the hard-rock guy that I am, I don’t miss it a bit.

Michael Lynch – Five Assorted Flavors (2012)

So many different artists and bands have been labeled bubblegum acts over the years that the term has strayed awfully far from its initial classification.