Chris Squire on Yes’ new singer Jon Davison, and what’s next: ‘He just owns that role’

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As Chris Squire and Yes retake to the road for another round of North American tour dates, the co-founding bass-playing leader of the band reflects on a season of change.

Since the release of 2011’s well-received Fly From Here, the legendary prog rock band’s first album in a decade, Yes has transitioned to another frontman. Benoit David had joined in 2008, when longtime vocalist Jon Anderson was unavailable to tour, and would over the next three years perform in more than 200 concerts as well as both the Fly From Here and In The Present: Live From Lyon albums.

But then breathing problems surfaced in late 2011 for the Canadian singer — who, ironically had replaced Anderson after similar health issues arose. Yes eventually announced Jon Davison, of the Yes-influenced American prog outfit Glass Hammer, as the group’s newest singer then continued an ongoing tour this year into Australia, New Zealand, Japan and now, the U.S.

Squire, in the latest Something Else! Sitdown, says Davison has blended smoothly into the band dynamic — and that likely will spark a quick return to the studio for Yes. He also talks about David’s departure, and the persistent rumors of a possible reunion with Anderson …

NICK DERISO: How has the transition gone with new singer Jon Davison?
CHRIS SQUIRE: It’s been fabulous, actually. Jon has come in and just owns that role. I have to say that both Steve Howe and myself have been very, very impressed with his abilities. We just did that Pacific Rim tour of New Zealand, Australia, Japan and Indonesia, and that was Jon’s first outing with us. I have to say he did a fantastic job. So, we’re looking forward to this U.S. summer tour. We’re playing the long-form version of Fly From Here.

NICK DERISO: Is it too early to think long term? Will Davison go back into the studio with you?
CHRIS SQUIRE: I think that’s going to be a natural progression, now. The next thing Yes does, going into next year, will be another studio album of original material — with Jon involved. That’s how I see us going into 2013.

[SOMETHING ELSE! REWIND: Chris Squire goes in depth on songs from his tenure with Yes and as a solo artist, including “Fly From Here,” “Life Within a Day” and “Tempus Fugit.”]

NICK DERISO: That will be exciting for fans, after such a long lag between the previous two albums.
CHRIS SQUIRE: (Laughs.) It’s amazing how quickly the 10 years between Magnification and Fly From Here went by. But you know, there was a lot going on. During that period I turned my attention to other things I wanted to do — like the Swiss Choir album. Of course, I also had my meeting with (Genesis alum) Steve (Hackett), which resulting in Squackett. So, of course, during that time, there was a lack of Yes product.

NICK DERISO: And you had a few things going on with lead singers.
CHRIS SQUIRE: We had to straighten the whole thing out of whether we were going to work with Jon Anderson again, or whether his health was going to be up for touring. In 2008, we pulled (now departed singer) Benoit (David) in — and we had a good couple of years with Benoit. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. At the end of the day, it wasn’t for him. Then very fortunately, we’ve hooked up with Jon Davison, and I am very happy with that.

NICK DERISO: With the rigorous road schedule that Yes has kept up, it seems like it’s hardest on the frontmen.
CHRIS SQUIRE: Of course it is, yes. And that particular tour, in Europe and going into the winter time. We were in Norway, and it was minus 30 degrees. It’s not a great climate for being a singer. (Laughs.) So, I don’t hold a blame against Benoit for, I suppose, the slight break down that he had. It’s a tough job.

NICK DERISO: Fans have consistently talked about a reunion with Jon Anderson — but he’s made it clear he doesn’t want to tour the way Yes does. Do you leave room for, perhaps, doing something in the studio?
CHRIS SQUIRE: You know, I’ve never closed the door on doing something with Jon again. But we’d have to see how that could be done. The setting would have to be right for that to occur, because it would be a shame to build up a new Yes lineup with Jon Davison and then bring Jon Anderson back in. That would make what we’re doing now seem like a secondary project. Even if we had him just in for a few dates, the business side would be pressuring us: Can you do more, can you do an album? It just may not ever happen. But, having said that, I haven’t closed my mind to it.

Nick DeRiso

Nick DeRiso

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