'We're always gonna be together': Joe Perry on his complex relationship with Steven Tyler

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Joe Perry and Steven Tyler have had their ups and downs over a lengthy tenure in Aerosmith, including a series of dramatic breakups, emotional dust-ups and very lucrative reunions.

In fact, from 1979-84, Perry left the band altogether as Aerosmith issued a pair of albums, Night in the Ruts and Rock in a Hard Place. He was replaced by Richard Supa and then by Jimmy Crespo, formerly a guitarist with the band Flame. Tyler’s drug abuse deepened over this period, and he would collapse onstage in 1980 and again during the tour for Rock in a Hard Place.

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Fast forward to this year, and in a March edition of “60 Minutes,” members of Aerosmith went in-depth on yet another scary tumble by Tyler off a stage — this time, a few years ago in Bogota, Columbia. Tyler has since admitted he was high on prescription drugs at the time. Eventually, the group patched things up, and Aerosmith finally convened to work on its forthcoming Music from Another Dimension album and tour.

Talking to the Pulse Of Radio, Perry says that, despite all of those ups and downs, he considers his relationship with Tyler to be inviolate.

“We’ve been together for so long that in my heart, it’s never more than six inches away from Steven’s, ever,” he said. “Even though we may not talk for a short amount of time or a long amount of time, we’ve been partners, friends for so long, I always have a feeling deep inside that we’re always gonna be together. And that’s what makes Aerosmith as strong as it is.”

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AEROSMITH – HONKIN’ ON BOBO (2004): Horribly titled, but quite good. Honkin’ on Bobo was largely made up of rock versions of blues tunes, it was recorded in live sessions with all five members in the room at once, and it saw the return of producer Jack Douglas. More than that, though, it saw the return of the classic Aerosmith sound. The arrangements, while still often over the top, were stripped down from the bombast of their last few records, and it really had the feel of old-school Aerosmith.

AEROSMITH – ROCKS (1976; 2011 reissue): To be sure, the songs do rock and creep deep inside the brain cells and refuse to leave moments after hearing them, but a sense of cryptic chaos administers the event. Lead singer Steven Tyler’s rubbery vocals mumble and rumble with mystery, and the band is hungry, so hungry, it appears as if they are singing for their supper. These guys are wired! Loud, sleazy and erupting with power and venom, you can almost taste whatever chemical substances the band was inhaling when they created the record. For good reason, some folks consider Rocks to be Aerosmith’s best album.

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Aerosmith’s announced ‘Global Warming Tour’ dates are:
June 16 – Minneapolis, MN
June 19 – Cleveland, OH
June 22 – Chicago, IL
June 27 – Toronto, ON
July 1 – Uniondale, NY
July 3 – Bristow, VA
July 5 – Detroit, MI
July 7 – Milwaukee, WI
July 17 – Boston, MA
July 21 – Philadelphia, PA
July 24 – East Rutherford, NJ
July 26 – Atlanta, GA
July 28 – Dallas, TX
July 30 – Houston, TX
August 1 – Denver, CO
August 4 – Oakland, CA
August 6 – Los Angeles, CA
August 8 – Tacoma, WA

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