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Patti Smith – Banga (2012)

Remember when Patti Smith used to be considered dangerous?

Neil Young and Crazy Horse – Americana (2012)

Chances are pretty good that you already know the basic lowdown on this album: 1) It’s the first Neil Young/Crazy Horse record since 2003’s Greendale 2) The songs are all covers and 3) The covers are so damned old that most are in the public domain.

Gimme Five: Chris Squire on "Fly From Here," "Life Within a Day," "Tempus Fugit," others

Yes co-founder Chris Squire, featured in a new duo recording with former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett, takes over our One Track Mind feature this week.

Half Notes: Leo Kottke – Ice Water (1974)

Kottke’s a funny guy and a beyond great guitar player. While I’m generally a bigger fan of his solo guitar records, there’s always something of interest lurking on the rest of Kottke’s albums. Highly recommended: Ice Water has his version of Tom T. Hall’s classic “Pamela Brown.” Also, check out Chewing Pine from the next year, which has “Regards FromRead More

Mort Weiss: Joey DeFrancesco projects showed the difference between music, and the music 'business'

This is the story of two collaborations with Joey DeFrancesco that you almost never saw — or the difference between music … and the music “business.”

Fred's Country Fried Rock: David Allan Coe, “Longhaired Redneck” (1976)

So usually I try to focus this feature on the new kids on the block, but sometimes you’ve just got to dip back into the classics.