Queensryche – Sign of the Times (2007)

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A best-of is really nothing to get excited about; they already have one of those, and this one even looks very similar in design. Basically, this sums up the band’s career from first album The Warning through Hear in the Now Frontier along with one track from Mindcrime II.

There was a “deluxe edition,” of course, to tempt fans into a purchase, and it included a few demos from vocalist Geoff Tate’s early band Myth, a few more early unreleased Queensryche demos, and the completely unnecessary inclusion of a number of the bonus tracks culled from the remastered reissues from a few years back.

Fans, of course, didn’t need these, as they’ve already got them! The one big temptation here for fans was “Justified,” a “new” track that featured former guitarist/songwriter Chris DeGarmo.

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