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Gene Clark, co-founder of the Byrds: Something Else! Interview

Gene Clark, co-founder of the Byrds: Something Else! Interview

The sad and early death of Gene Clark couldn’t overshadow a remarkable stint as the Byrds’ principal songwriter in the mid-1960s.

Aruán Ortiz – Orbiting (2012)

The brilliant pianist from Cuba Aruán Ortiz made a strong positive impression to anyone who paid attention to his 2010 release Alameda, a sophisticated outing of modern jazz that eludes adequate comparisons.

Squackett, with Chris Squire and Steve Hackett – A Life Within A Day (2012)

I can’t remember the last time I heard Chris Squire approach the bass with this much unadulterated passion, with this much joy.

Half Notes: Neu – Neu! 75 (1975)

What to call this kinda music? Do a little research and you’ll see stuff like: Krautrock, cosmic punk, ambient, moody, art rock, minimalist, etc. Heck, when I originally popped this disc into my cdrom drive the CDMax selection dialog came up with three entries with musical genres of “misc”, “new age”, and “rock”. I guess there’s people out there asRead More

Something Else! Featured Artist: Old school hip hop edition!

Though hip hop had been around for a few years, it started to become a national phenomenon 30 years ago — a period that still resonates because of the way the music connected on several different levels.