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Van Halen on the rocks again?: There was only so much Wolfie could do

You wondered how long it would last with this reconstituted version of the always-fighting Van Halen. Answer, apparently: June 26.

2012 Hangout Music Festival: Sorting through the good, the great – and the dearly departed

Event organizers have been feverishly working for nearly an entire year to secure a lineup worthy enough to follow the 2011’s Hangout Music Festival.

‘Stuff happens and you learn from it’: John Wetton talks King Crimson – then and now

Before he transitioned back into the role of frontman of Asia with this week’s new single “Face on the Bridge,” John Wetton took some time to talk about his earlier association with King Crimson.

Wadada Leo Smith – Ten Freedom Summers (2012)

We tend to think of musicians who have been able to keep coming forth with creative, fresh ideas with nearly every attempt in the past tense. Mozart, Ellington, Miles, The Beatles are a few who can fit into that category but they are of long past eras.

The Skeptics – The Complete Early Years, 1965-69 (2012)

Bartlesville, Oklahoma was where the Skeptics came from. Although the band failed to pierce the national charts, they ruled the regional circuit

Trixter – New Audio Machine (2012)

If there’s one thing I should have learned by now in all my years of commenting on music as an amateur and professional, it’s this: Be sure you’re right before you make a smartass comment

Unboxing Music: Black Music Disaster – S/T (2012)

The Internet is chock full of “Unboxing” videos, the so-called “new geek porn.” I don’t find them particularly interesting but that’s because I’m fairly certain I’m not part of their target audience.