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It's a Gebhard Ullmann Two-Fer!: BassX3 – Transatlantic and The Clarinet Trio – 4 (2012)

The multi-talented reedist Gebhard Ullmann splits his time between his native Berlin and New York but more impressively, he also splits his time leading or co-leading no less than eight workings bands

Dar Williams – In the Time of Gods (2012)

Dar Williams might be one of the few singer-songwriters around who could take the age-old fables surrounding Zeus and Aphrodite, and smartly connect them to our current state of affairs.

Mort Weiss: Let's compare your average jazz cat to those with classical gas

This question goes way back, but is still relevant in 2012: Who’s the better musician — a jazz or classical player? I remember talking to someone, about someone, and the cat asking: Is he jazz or legit?

Lurrie Bell – The Devil Ain't Got No Music (2012)

For many of the most familiar names in blues music, their careers began in the church: Stars like B.B. King, Etta James and James Brown debuted as youngsters performing gospel music. For Lurrie Bell, the journey went in reverse.