One Track Mind: Bruce Springsteen, "Easy Money" (2012)

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It has been announced that tracks from Bruce Springsteen’s forthcoming album Wrecking Ball will be streamed from various sites, one new song per day. Today sees the release of “Easy Money,” streaming at the News page at

Early reports of this album indicated that some Seeger Sessions influences had been added back into the mix. If “Easy Money” is any indication, that data point was right on target. This is a stomping tune whose sunny disposition (supporting violin, “Nah Nah” vocals, and an almost Gospel-like vibe) runs headlong into a character who’s looking for more than a little trouble.

Wrecking Ball has been described as containing a fair amount of anger and if you’re not paying attention, “Easy Money” might seem to be a counterexample. But the man looking for that easy money has already gone beyond anger into desperation. Don’t let the “happy” music fool you.

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