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As Paul McCartney enters 10th year with current band, he reflects on touring with the Beatles and Wings

As Paul McCartney enters 10th year with current band, he reflects on touring with the Beatles and Wings

Paul McCartney has been playing with his current touring group for 10 years, longer than any other amalgam — including the Beatles and Wings. “That’s long enough,” McCartney says, “to make us a proper band.”

Two decades later, Nirvana producer Butch Vig admits: I had no idea Dave Grohl could shred

As the Foo Fighters await word on whether they’ll claim any of the amazing six Grammys they’re up for on Sunday, frontman Dave Grohl and producer Butch Vig reminisced about their initial project together: Nirvana’s supernova hit Nevermind.

Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson remembers winning heavy metal Grammy over Metallica to 'boos and hisses and gasps of disbelief'

Jethro Tull’s unexpected 1989 Grammy win over Metallica in the newly created Hard Rock/Metal Performance category still resonates, decades later.

Download: Amy Ray of Indigo Girls offers free sampler of solo work, including new and live tracks

Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls fame has teamed up with NoiseTrade to offer a sampler of tracks from her 12 years as a solo artist — for free.

Guilty pleasures: David Gahan – Paper Monsters/ Martin Gore – Counterfeit2 (2003)

The only concert I’ve ever walked out of was Depeche Mode. This was during the Music For The Masses tour at the old Boston-area Great Woods shed. The primary reason was musical: just too much, uh … sameness

Susie Fitzgerald – Plenty (2012)

Susie Fitzgerald offers a series of richly textured, bravely constructed, profoundly moving and ultimately deeply inspirational story-songs on Plenty. But first, she kicks up her heels a little.

Grateful Dead – Blues For Allah (1975): Half Notes

Grateful Dead – Blues For Allah (1975): Half Notes

I use the tune “King Soloman’s Marbles” when I want to “trick” someone into liking the Grateful Dead.

Nick Millevoi – Black Figure Of A Bird (2011)

When I was very young, I’d pick up my brother’s guitar or tap on my mom’s piano just to try to see what kind of cool sounds I could get out of them. I wasn’t concerned about notes, chords or songs, I merely wanted to get the things to make some sort of resonance that would resonate with me.

Marillion – Somewhere Else (2007)

Marillion returned three years after their epic, widely lauded Marbles concept piece with another self-produced album. While no one seriously expected them to top such a feat, all ears were curious