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Pleased to Meet You!: Our Favorite Indie Acts from 2011

What better time of the year is there for a list like this? After all, discovering each one of these up-and-coming standouts was like finding a Christmas-morning surprise under the tree.

Half Notes: Dead Cat Bounce – Chance Episodes (2011)

Matt Steckler’s Dead Count Bounce is a band that within the parameters of traditional jazz seeks new musical directions

Guilty pleasures: Michael Bublé – Come Fly With Me (2004)

Diana Krall … Harry Connick Jr. … Josh Groban … Norah Jones … Michael Bublé. What to make of young, attractive musicians who seem rooted in the past?

Big Boy Pete and Hilton Valentine – Merry Skifflemas! (2011)

Now here’s a collaboration too good to be true: Two legendary guitarists from two legendary British bands of the early 1960s have teamed up and recorded a Christmas album!

One Track Mind: Cary Morin, "Sing It Louder" (2011)

There is a shambling, plain-spoken beauty to this track as Cary Morin, a Crow Indian from North Dakota, sings about dancing his way toward salvation.