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Something Else! sneak peek: Bill Frisell, "#9 Dream" (2011)

From the first, it seems, guitarist Bill Frisell has sought to synthesize jazz with country and folk themes, and that impulse works to tremendous effect on this deft remake of John Lennon’s “#9 Dream,” from a forthcoming tribute recording

Nick Lowe – The Old Magic (2011)

Growing older has made Nick Lowe grayer, a little quieter, but no less clever, no less relevant, and certainly no less off-handedly absorbing. He is the living, breathing, guitar-playing, Buddy Holly shade-wearing embodiment of the old saw about getting better with age.

The New Orleans Social Club – Sing Me Back Home (2005)

by Derrick Lord Faith is a difficult and complicated thing. If you understand that much you likely also realize that even the strongest faith is doomed to eventually be tested by hard times.

Glen Campbell – Ghost on the Canvas (2011)

Glen Campbell – Ghost on the Canvas (2011)

Somber, but I really like this. Glen Campbell is definitely going out on top.

Best of August 2011: Reader picks include Sly Stone, Adrian Belew and Zigaboo Modeliste

Here’s a look back at the Top 10 stories from last month on, based on page views from our readers.