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Joe Moss Band – Drive Time: Live at Chans (2011)

Joe Moss starts in an eyeball-deep groove on Drive Time: Live at Chans, hitting the same gravy-dripped chord for a full minute on the opening “Black Boots.”

Buck Owens – Live in Scandinavia (1970)

Among some of my Internet friends, I’m known for being into “obscure” jazz. I suppose this is true, though given the average person’s engagement with the jazz world (face it people, it’s a pretty small number, percentage-wise), the definition of “obscure” is a slippery one. Maybe I just like obscure things, period. Like this country record. Thank goodness for SundazedRead More

Steve Kuhn with Strings – Promises Kept (2004)

by Mark Saleski I can probably count on the fingers of one hand the number of jazz “with strings” records that ‘work’ for me. This is a somewhat mysterious phenomenon as jazz and improvised music is food to me.

Half Notes: Megadeth – Greatest Hits (2005)

by Tom Johnson When a band has more than one “best of” in their catalog, it’s usually because one skimped on a portion of the band’s catalog that was really pretty signficant. This one, however, only fills in a few gaps of the previous best-of, Capitol Punishment, while mirroring a lot of the other material. They at least put togetherRead More

Brian Settles/Central Union – Secret Handshake (2011)

There’s something odd I noticed about this record from the opening moments: there’s a piano on it. Why is that so bizarre you ask?